Quality Assurance


Companies make substantial investments in their data warehouse and operational data store efforts, while the business community anxiously awaits access to the information. Intelligent Solutions, Inc. (ISI) offers quality assurance services to help companies monitor and manage progress with these projects. The quality assurance services include reviewing and providing feedback on the status reports, deliverables, and providing in-depth reviews at key points or milestones in the project.


The schedule for the quality assurance reviews is established during the project initiation review. This schedule may be adjusted based on project progress. Each on-site review requires between one and two days of effort.


Each formal review will provide the client with two deliverables.

  • The tangible deliverable is the review report. It will point out major strengths that could possibly be leveraged further within this or other projects, as well as weaknesses that need to be overcome. This report will delineate major findings and provide specific recommendations to maximize the potential for success.
  • A second deliverable of the review is attained through the interaction of the ISI consultant and client’s personnel. In addition to soliciting information, the consultant will be providing the team with some informal education and training in relevant concepts.

The status report reviews provide a separate deliverable, to be produced following receipt of the status report. These will be provided by e-mail.