Readiness Assessment


Developing and operating the Corporate Information Factory represents a significant investment. One of the consulting services provided by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. (ISI) is the Corporate Information Factory Readiness Assessment. Intelligent Solutions structures its readiness assessments to quickly provide its clients with actionable recommendations that will enable them to maximize their potential for success with their Corporate Information Factory by leveraging their strengths and mitigating their cultural issues, risks, and weaknesses. Assessments are typically completed in two to four weeks and include an internal quality assurance review by an Intelligent Solutions consultant not directly involved in the effort. Each assessment consists of information gathering, analysis, presentation, and knowledge transfer.

  • Information gathering is typically accomplished through a combination of documentation reviews, interviews, facilitated sessions, and surveys.
  • Analysis is performed by examining the information collected and relating it to best practices.
  • Presentation is accomplished through the delivery of a findings and recommendations document and formal or informal presentations.
  • Knowledge transfer is accomplished through the interaction of ISI’s consultants with company personnel.


The assessment is performed on a time-boxed basis, and entails 5 – 15 days of consulting effort. The assessment schedule is dependent on the availability of the key people involved. ISI strives to structure the assessments so that they can be completed within a two to four week timeframe. A four-week engagement typically consists of the following schedule:

  • Prior to arrival – schedule interviews and review relevant documents
  • Week 1 (on-site) – gather information primarily through interviews and facilitated sessions
  • Week 2 (off-site) – analyze information and draft report and presentation
  • Week 3 (on-site) – potentially gather additional information, and present and discuss findings
  • Week 4 (off-site) – finalize deliverables


The assessment has three major deliverables:

  • The major tangible deliverable is the assessment report that delineates the major findings of the assessment and provides specific recommendations to leverage strengths and mitigate risks and weaknesses. The findings and recommendations address both business and technical issues.
  • A second tangible deliverable is the presentation and resultant discussion.
  • The third deliverable is intangible, and it is attained through the interaction of the ISI consultant and the company’s personnel. In addition to soliciting information, the consultant provides informal education and training in relevant concepts.